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Gamify Fundraising
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Supporting Through Fun

Help pay for new uniforms send the local kid’s soccer team to the state championships. Chip in a little or chip in a lot however you do it PoolUp makes it fun. Compete against other poolers and play to win every week.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

Reach more people than face to face fundraising ever could. Send and receive invitations to friends family and coworkers. No need to assign someone to keep score its all calculated for you. Get game results and track winners in real time.

Let The Games Begin

PoolUP makes it easy to connect everyone in your network to support kids sports teams. Neighborhood sports leagues love using weekly polls on major sports leagues to raise funds but organizing who’s entered and calculating a winner every week is a full time job on it’s own. Giantsky has engineered the solution. Totally automatic, totally mobile just send an invitation to friends and family and let them play.