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Johnsons® Baby Bedtime™

Innovative Multimedia Marketing Approach

Case Study:

The Challenge

Johnson’s is the name in Baby. Trusted by moms everywhere, they are committed to working with parents, healthcare experts, and scientists to ensure their baby products continue achieving the highest standards.

Our challenge was to create a marketing platform that did more than sell products. Our goal was to create a genuine camaraderie between Johnson’s and parents to give them trusted advice in one of the most difficult challenges of early parenting, bedtime.

Founded in Research

Bedtime™ takes a different approach than other apps. Started as a collaboration between the research and marketing teams Bedtime™ is built around sleep research from Johnsons® and Dr. Jodi Mindell, internationally renowned behavioral sleep expert. With this team as our guiding light we created the JOHNSON’S® 3-Step Routine clinically proven to help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

A Nightly Routine

The most useful apps are ones that become a part of daily life. So we filled the app with features that seamless fall together with the bedtime routine. Sleep logs, routine tracker, ask the expert, ambient sounds, and the crowd favorite bedtime lullabies.

We recorded this beautiful album of classic, and folk lullabies with local Philadelphia singer songwriter Tania Alexandra after hearing her lovely soothing voice.

Award Winning

The James E Burke Awards is an annual competition comprising Johnson & Johnson’s most innovative marketing programs developed in the Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices & Diagnostics and Consumer Group categories.

Bedtime’s unique approach, of free and easy advice complemented by the 3-step Bedtime™ product line, gives parents every possible advantage for a good night’s sleep. As the most successful app ever created for Johnsons, Bedtime™ was awarded the James E Burke Award for Innovation in Design in 2013.

Global Reach

After winning the Burke award the Bedtime™ App was placed in the forefront of Johnson’s marketing strategy. We got the news that Bedtime would be the first app to be globalized by Johnson’s.  Our approach would become the example for those who follow.

6 Languages

The first hurdle to globalizing an app is translation. How to make an app available in 6 languages without having to create and manage a separate copy of the app for each new language?

To accomplish this we partnered with Applanga in Germany to create a CMS that tagged each word in the app and allowed us to create as many language translations as we needed. Whenever a user opens the app the CMS detects the language on their phone and feeds them the correct translations.

No need to worry about tedious maintenance, every time there is an update any need text is added to the app it automatically is uploaded to the CMS and we can easily fill in the correct translations for each language and dialect.

23 Countries

The biggest challenge of globalizing Bedtime for Johnsons is that each Johnsons branch is their own company. USA, Brazil, China, the United Kingdom all have different regulations and goals

Better Sleep in One Week

At the same time we were globalizing the app Johnson’s USA was spearheading a campaign to widen Bedtime’s reach with the Tonight We Sleep Challenge. A 1 week long challenge to show how easily a few simple changes to a nightly bedtime routine can do wonders for a child’s sleep.

We created a fun interactive experience within the main app that help guide parents towards their best bedtime routine. Starting with a quick quiz parents get prizes and advice each day they login.

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Alexa Partnership

The latest iteration of Bedtime plays with voice technologies. Our skill lets moms and dads keep on top of bedtime routines without needing their phone. Our Mother’s Day release was awarded the featured spot in Amazon’s weekly newsletter.

Multiplatform Approach

Parents lives are constantly on the move and Bedtime has evolved throughout it’s lifetime to stand beside them wherever they are. We started in Android then expanded to iOS. Taking our first few years in the market to refine our approach and listen to the things our users loved.

From there we expanded to wearables, releasing builds for Apple and Android watches.

Our mission has always been to create a sleep app for new moms and dads that is so fun and useful it becomes a part of their daily lives.  Through multi-platform innovation and a global approach Johnsons Bedtime stands by over a million moms and dads to help them through one of the most difficult challenges of new parenthood, sleeping through the night.