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Johnsons® Baby Bedtime™ test settings

Better Sleep in
One Week

Johnsons® Baby Bedtime™ was founded as a collaboration between the research and marketing teams. We had our humble beginning in talks with Dr. Jodi Mindell, internationally renowned behavioral sleep expert, with her guiding light we created the JOHNSON’S® 3-Step Routine clinically proven to help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Android then iOS

After rocketing to success on the Android platform we were commissioned to expand.

Tonight We Sleep
Around the World

Johnson’s Baby Bedtime is the most successful app Johnson’s has ever release and as such we were nominated to pave the way into Johnson’s creating apps globally.

A Million Happy Moms

We reached a million users on date. We are currently the highest rated app Johnsons has ever released with 4.9 stars in the App store and 4 Stars on the Google Play Store.

Alexa, ask Bedtime to play lullabies

Johnsons® Baby Bedtime™ is a global success. We are currently the largest ongoing sleep study in the world with over a million parents logging in to track their children’s sleep every day.

6 Languages

A good night’s sleep is understood around the world so the Bedtime™ app isn’t leaving anyone out. We took care of the hassle of managing multiple app releases for different languages. All moms and dads have to do is open the app, Bedtime™ automatically detects and displays in the language their phone is set to. No muss, no fuss, just better sleep

1 Bedtime™

With incredible features like our on call sleep experts, and research driven sleep solutions Bedtime™ is more than a tool it’s a fun and engaging way for parents to go forward with confidence that Johnsons® stands by their family.